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Brown Sugar is the Healthier Option

Looking For:

We are a very adventurous couple. We have an awesome sex life and are very much in love and attracted to one another other. Those who are around us thank us because our passion is a contagious wildfire which spreads and can rejuvenate a couple's love life peeking from across the room. We do love to experiment in bed so we are looking to see what this lifestyle has to offer.

We're not a full swap couple. If you can get past that great keep reading. We're just looking to get Extra spicy in the bedroom with a single female or sexy couple. All activities are on the table as long as we all understand boundaries and establish a good level of comfortability between us all. We're not pushy, we go with the flow, and would be more than happy with some good ol voyeurism. Watching & being watched will always be a turn on for us both.

Mike is perfectly balanced. Laid back and observant or assertive and dominant depending on the situation. He can make the entire room comfortable with each other and is a great host. As a lover Mike has the sexual appetite & stamina of a Lion. Mike will stroke you to sleep or stroke you awake. He loves the form and shape of the female body and his oral skills with send you to another galaxy.

Melissa is pure brown sugar. Exotic and magnetic. She is a Leo and so she craves attention. With her petite frame, beautiful features, and 30 HH all natural perky breasts, she definitely has no problem attracting attention. Her sexual appetite compliments Mike's. She gets very wet, dripping the sweetest juices you will ever have the privilege of tasting. You will have to put in your work for Melissa as she is attracted to charismatic and intelligent conversation. She is turned on more by the ceremony of going out, chatting, laughing, establishing comfort, and a good sexual vibe. You will have to be the pursuer as she likes to be pursued and will reciprocate twice back.

Fantasies and / or real experiences:
Alright, the juicy stuff! We're primarily looking to fulfill my wife's fantasy of being pleasured by a woman. She's had a horrible first time experience and almost gave up her curiosity. I encouraged her to give it a second shot but this time we'll carefully select a woman who will know how to make her toes curl. So here we are on SLS. Single bi women come first in line, couples with a female half who truly enjoy the female body and knows how to please get in line also. Single males we're not interested.

Mike's fantasy is to watch his wife fantasy played out. Sex games, restraints & toys are all welcomed.

Additional comments and things to do, see, hear or learn about:
1. We are not arrogant nor conceited but we are very selective in the prospects we select to contact, so please do not be offended if we are not interested.
2. We both eat clean, smell clean, look clean, are clean shaven, and take care of our bodies. If you don't follow these same habits or you look like you haven't been to a gym since child birth you will not hear back from us. My wife needs to get wet & I need to be able to get a strong erection when we're all naked. You don't have to look like a supermodel as we are not, but you do need to look like you care about yourself.
3. We have pics here. We are very discreet but show enough to give you good idea of what's on the dessert menu. Please do not contact us, asking us for pictures until we establish that we are interested enough to actually meet each other. We will not have photos of us on a million people's phones.
4. Lastly we are not hood or ghetto. We prefer classy, educated, and well spoken company.


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